Porcelain; moulded with a wickerwork pattern beneath a transparent brown glaze, the shoulders with lion mask and ring handles, the flared neck covered in a celadon glaze, Jingdezhen kilns.



Marsha Vargas, California
The White Wings Collection
Robert Kleiner
Mary and George Bloch
Bonhams Hong Kong, 29 November 2011 lot 158
Robert Kleiner (2012)

Robert Kleiner, The White Wings Collection, no. 88 Treasury 6, no. 1170


The significance of the basket-weave pattern and its connection to the court has been noted under no. 20 above. The pattern is extremely rare in porcelain with just one other example having been recorded, decorated with enamels and with an entirely credible Qianlong reign mark (Sanctum 1, no. 138). Both bottles have mask and ring handles, a further pointer to court style. The spherical shape of this bottle completed by the elegantly flared neck imbues it with an extraordinary Sculptural presence, out of all proportion to its diminutive size

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