Hugh Moss

‘When asked, as I often have been, who I would recommend as a snuff bottle dealer I am always wary, because this encompasses so many qualities.  Knowledge, empathy, a good eye – and a visionary quality, which is not the same thing – a sensible pricing policy that honestly reflects current values and does not try to extract more from the unwary, a willingness to stand by what one sells and, if necessary, take it back if any material fact proves wrong or mistaken in the light of prevailing knowledge, and, of course, an overall integrity as to the exercise of all of these qualities.

Robert 2

Susan Page and I have been happily working together for 31 years. We make a good team, and I know it could never have been so successful without her help and support.  And it certainly wouldn’t have been so much fun!

Hugh Moss 2

The winnowing process here usually leaves me recommending very few dealers.  With the advent of Susan Page’s independence from Robert Hall, inevitably harmonious given the characters of both, I am delighted to add one more to my list of people I am totally confident in, and whom I can unequivocally recommend at every level to any snuff bottle collector.

Robert 1

Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and her experience in buying, cataloguing and selling snuff bottles is well known to all the collectors who have dealt with her in the past.

Robert 3

Susan loves snuff bottles, and has acquired a great deal of both knowledge and experience in this field.